Best Hardwood Floors | San Jose CA

National floors has been doing business in San Jose for over a decade.  Our company has maintained a 5 star reputation for many years.  Our hardwood floor refinishers | contrators have a C15 license which gives them expert skill level in hardwood floors.  What does that mean for you, the consumer? Simple, unlike most Hardwood floor companies, we do not require a deposit for our hardwood floor services. National Floors is so confident that your floors will turn out beautifully, we can afford to operate this way. This gives you the comfort and confidence in knowing that you have chosed the right company to do the job. We have a wonderful way of pleasing our customers.

Wood floor restoration|Refinishing hardwood floors | San Jose CA

Refinishing hardwood floors in San Jose CA is amazingly beautiful when National Floors sands your hardwood floors.  Our hardwood floor refinishers complete over 125 hardwood floor refinishing projects per year.  There are many homes in San Jose that are over 40 years old that have stock hardwood floors in them.  Most don't know it, but by lifting the carpet in the corner, you can see for yourself.  Refinishing hardwood floors is cheaper than purchasing new carpet.  We can take your old hardwood floors and restore them to like new.  If you are interested in having your hardwood floor refinished, look no further. We can sand all types of hardwood floors. When sanding the floors, you will be left with clean hardwood floors. Our refinishing costs are very fair and our level of craftsmanship is at the top.

Hardwood floor installation | San Jose CA

National floors install all types of hardwood floors. Our flooring costs are very competitive.
• Bamboo flooring both solid and prefinished
• Engineered flooring comes in prefinished and unfinished
• Oak flooring. You have a choice of red oak or white oak
• Solid flooring is the same species from top to bottom

Hardwood floor repair | San Jose CA

Consist of all types of hardwood flooring. We can fix solid, engineered, oak flooring, etc... It doesn't matter if you have water damage, fire damage or just wear and tear.